Inspired by Nature's Spiritual Presence


Domestic Friends

                             The Eyes of Felina                  

As a child, nothing was more important to me than our family pets, which were usually a couple of turtles, goldfish, a mixed German Shepherd dog, and a cat or two.

The beginning of this artistic direction came with animal portrait commissions. Actually meeting the individuals often helps capture their essential characters, but it isn’t necessary.  Most of my favorite animal portraits have been done with subjects I’ve never met.

Cat portraits and drawings have become some of my most popular subjects.  There’s an inscrutable yet playful spirit to felines that makes them fun and mysterious. I feel able to easily connect with their essential characters, usually working from photographs, because, unless they’re sleeping, drawing cats from life demands fast work.

Horses and rabbits have also been subjects for my pet drawings and commissions. Below you will find representations of some of the my work with pets.  Enjoy!


                                       Himmel, Hibiscus and a Lady                                                    Catalina and Friend                                                 



Taking Five

Himmel and Three Graces


                      Leonides Waits                                                   Brett and Bart                  


                                                                           Vanity Fair                                                       


                Behind Bars in Istanbul

            Summer of Dorian Grey                                                Indoor Sunshine         

Wanted: Good Home

                    An Amaryllis for Ambrose                                                 Sheena

The Main Ingredient

               Kafka                                                                        Bo Jangles


 Pearl Beneath Callas                                                   Pepper's Posies



               In Myrtle's World                                            Li'l Nell and Sparky            

In Vino Veritas


                                Arrangement in Green                                              Good Cat, Bad Cat 

                                                       Baron                                                                   Maggie


                 Shadow's Edge                                                           Peaches' Disgrace      

                                                         Les Fleurs de Meow