Inspired by Nature's Spiritual Presence



Bonnie Gendron makes her home in the mountain town of Julian, in San Diego County, which she shares with her husband and three cats. The natural, secluded setting of the property is graced by many ancient oak trees, changing seasons and wildlife. These harmonious elements provide inspiration and focus for her art.

A life-long student of art, Bonnie and considers herself to be self-taught. She has augmented her skills with classes at Grossmont College as well as numerous workshops and classes offered by well-known artists throughout the county. She believes art is an ongoing learning process that reflects her most important philosophies and values.

Art should always be fun, an ongoing creative process that reveals new layers of imagination and experimentation with techniques and media, she believes. “I have found themes and subjects that are directly relevant to my own life to be the most effective and successful.”

Her work often has combined abstract elements with realistic focal points. Bonnie is also creating work combining collage and assemblage with drawing, mixed media and printmaking, most recently focusing on wildlife subjects. “I have always loved animals and want to honor their presence, importance and the beauty they give our lives as fellow beings on the planet.”

Her work is currently shown in the the Banner Queen Art Gallery. She has also shown work in the Julian Art Gallery, Julian Arts Guild’s semi-annual shows and venues and the Santa Ysabel Gallery Art Festival.

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